Hello New Followers!

Hello to all of those who have found us through social media wizardry.  Welcome!

I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know exactly how things are going, and what you can expect to see from the blog here.

First, as head of the company, I am required to stay that things are going According To Plan, that we are Meeting Objectives, and that we are Exercising Our Core Competencies.  

(Sorry.  I recently left big-company-land and that stuff is hard to shake.)

In real-people speak - we're getting stuff done and we're on track for a Mid February drop of Commander Kamala Lays Down The Law.   We are coding up the tutorial, as well as combat and gameplay code (enemies and weapons.)  Our writers are dreaming up new crimes for you to solve and/or avenge with talking and/or guns, and our art team is turning some beautiful art for character portraits, background scenery, and UI controls. 

As mentioned in the previous post, it's going to be a really, really short build, with only a teeny amount of gameplay (10-15 minutes).  Our hopes are that, when you see the build, you'll think some of the following thoughts: 

  • "Hey, they are actually writing code and stuff.  This is not vaporware - in fact, it's even not terrible!  This game is going to happen."
  • "Yes, flying spaceships around in isometric 2D is just as fun as I remember.  You have reinvented this wheel most capably, Escape Fuel."
  • "SO PRETTY."
  • "That theme song is my next ringtone!" 
  • "I actually want to read these jokes instead of ruing the precious moments stolen by your writers from my short time on earth!"
  • "Wait a minute; they should zig when they zag and I need more X and less Y." 

The last one is pretty important to us.  We have a pretty crisp vision of what the game should be, and there are some things are pretty core the game experience.  But we're by no means finished and there are a lot of areas we can refine or extend.  So we'd love to get your thoughts on what this kind of game means to you.  

In fact, the build will have a feedback button on every screen so you can provide feedback on every part of the game. 

Second, I wanted to take a moment to call out the kind of stuff you'll see on the blog (and the resulting links from TwitterFace.)  We love our game, but we love all kinds of games, and we love other game devs too.  So you can expect to see the following from us...

  • Screen shots and gameplay videos.
  • Backstory and history on the game
  • Updates on development and the occasional technical passage about something we built.
  • Shout-outs to cool games we think you should play (in addition to Commander Kamala!)
  • Random coolness about sci-fi gaming in general (news, let's-plays, etc.)
  • The odd bit of gaming news that is worth repeating. 

In the coming weeks we'll start posting gameplay video and screen shots, and in Mid Feb we are going to drop our first game trailer.

More to come soon!  (Oh and not every blog post will be this long - I just finished a grande vanilla latte and the words Won’t. Stop. Coming.) 

Thank you for reading!  Viva Commander Kamala!

- Charles