Let's get this show on the road!

Happy New Year from Escape Fuel Studios, the team bringing you Commander Kamala Lays Down The Law!

Now your friends here at Escape Fuel have been super busy trying to get this game done.  Too busy to keep in touch, which makes us bad friends.  But NO!  We are not the let's-get-together-once-a-year-my-how-times-have-changed friends.  We are not the sorry-gotta-work friends (though, really, we got a lot a work to do.)  No, we are hey-it's-3pm-time-for-coffee, lemme-borrow-that-graphic-novel, hey-you-gotta-try-this game kind of friends.

We're going into high gear at Escape Fuel, seatbelts buckled and pedal to the metal, driving at least 10 mph over the posted highway speed limit (16 kph in Canada / au Canada.)   

Our game - Commander Kamala Lays Down The Law – is slowly but surely coming to life.

It's a sci-fi comedy action adventure, Flash Gordon meets Facebook, First World Problems meets 1930's Future Past.   And here's the recipe:

  • Start with two parts action RPG (Bastion!  Diablo 3!)
  • Fold in two parts kick ass 1980's space adventure (Starflight!  Star Control 2!)
  • Whisk in four parts sci fi comedy (Space Quest 1-6!  GalaxyQuest!)
  • Sprinkle a touch of graphic novel (KSD's Captain Marvel!)
  • Bake for several months under extremely high pressure 

Voila!  Your "Commander Kamala" is ready.  Don't wait for it cool - just shove the whole space-lasering joke-spewing galaxy-spanning mess into your mouth all at once.  It is going to be DELICIOUS.

Over the next several months we'll have plenty to share about art, gameplay, writing, screenshots, builds - too much to cram into a single blog post.  AND, we're going to be dropping out early builds to get your feedback, too.  Super early.  Unwisely early.   

But we're taking that risk because (a) constant feedback is the path to making an awesome game and (b) a game built in isolation is a game built for one person, and that don't pay the bills, friends. 

And of course, as legally mandated by the Indie Game Protocol Act of 2014, we'll be running a Kickstarter too!  In May 2015, plus or minus.  But we're getting way ahead of ourselves.

So sit back, welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.   This game is going to kick ass and we are super excited to bring it you.

Stay tuned for more posts, and thanks for reading! 

Charles Zapata

Founder, Escape Fuel Studios