One Step Closer!

Hello there, future fans of Commander Kamala!  Just a short post today to let you know what's going on with the game.

We're working hard to get that first build ready for you.  (And the second.  You actually want the second.)

It's taking a while, because in parallel to this, we're also getting ready for our trailer.   Our trailer includes real game play footage, so weren't not just trying to draw a bunch of pretty motion graphics and animations - we're building the real game play that you'll see later in the game.

(Now, as it turns out, the game play actually uses the Unity Legacy Animation system, which is how we can get all those bad dudes flying in cool formations.  How we do that will be the subject of another post, along with How To Make A Laser Cannon and Sorry, Isaac Newton, But Real Physics Is Not Fun.)

And, honestly, gameplay is coming along slowly.  It's tricky.  We want the game to be fast, but not frantic; challenging but not arduous, and, well, fun!  So we're trying lots of things out and turning lots of knobs.  We are turning so many knobs that I actually need to build a better Knob System so that I'm not the one who has to turn every knob.

Our first build, PB1, will be kind of rough.   This first build is for finding that brain-dead stuff that neither Ryan nor I noticed because we're so close to the game, like we didn't notice that you can't actually start the tutorial or no one can figure out how to fire the cannon.

If you would like to try our first build, you can sign up for it here!

These are, of course, examples.  We are experienced professional game-making people.  For the record, the tutorial has been started and the cannon has been fired AT LEAST ONCE by someone not employed by Escape Fuel.    Volume control just started working, though.

Our second build, PB2, will make use of all that super-obvious feedback and then we open ourselves up TO THE WORLD, to you, dear reader.  That will come about two weeks later (mid-to-late Feburary.)  If would like to try the build - and we would like you to try it! - you can down load it here.  Don't worry, when that build is available, we'll be screaming from the rafters about its release.  Because we are excited to have you try it out.

More to come soon!