Into the world!

We are super excited.  Today is the day we've been waiting for at Escape Fuel - when we let our delicate little bundle of beauty, imagination and wonder out into the world for the very first time and watch helplessly as it get torn to shreds by a cruel and indifferent public.

I mean, today's the day we start playtesting!  WOOO!!!!

To be fair, this isn't the first time anyone has seen the game (hiding the game for this long would be game design MADNESS) but it is the first time that we'll release it to the public.  And we're glad for the feedback.  Cliche time: what ever doens't kill you makes you stronger.  And feedback doesn't kill you (much).  The game will be so much better for your feedback, and I am grateful for each of you who gives up between five and thirty minutes of your time to try out the game.

You haven't signed up for the early builds, you say?  Not a problem - just go to and, well, sign up.

The game is currently super-pre-alpha, still in-development.  It's not feature complete, it's not content complete, it's not story-complete.  It's completely incomplete.  And there is so much more coming in later builds. 

But there's a speck of a game in here, and even that speck needs feedback.

We will sending out the early builds in waves, which will be throttled by the amount of feedback we get.  If the first ten players come back and say, "this is hardcore broken because of A, B and C and we can't be friends anymore" then (1) OK, you are taking a pre-alpha playest a little too seriously and (2) yes sir/ma'am, we're on it.  We fix those problems, then release to the next ten people.  If, however, feedback is generally workable (X could be better, I don't like Y, but boy do I like Z) then we'll keep on handing out the build until the list is exhausted.

And then, every couple of weeks or so, we'll drop the latest build with new and /or exciting additions to the game.   And you get to try those out, too!

Also, this week, we are going to start give you loyal readers sneak peaks into all the great art and gameplay that makes Commander Kamala.  I am super excited to show you all of the fantastic art that Ryan and the art team have created over these past few months.

So get ready to hear a lot more from us!  (But not so much that you'll want to unfollow us.  We know our limits.)


- Charles