Keep That Feedback Coming!

Hey there, Charles here.  Lots of little odds and ends to talk about today, provided to you in convenient list format.

  • First, hello to all of our new Facebook and Twitter followers!  Thank you so much for signing up to follow Commander's Kamala's eventual path to world domination, where world domination means "a solid appreciation of the game among a narrow band of discerning game players and break-even profit margins."  Y'all are cool for hanging with us.  (Not following us on Twitter or Facebook?  Well join us then!)
  • Next, a reminder again that you can try out the build by just signing up on our mailing list here!  We're getting high quality feedback on the game.  Even though it's super early, responsive has been more positive than I would have imagined.   There is still a ton of work to do and lots of things to work on in the game.  But we're on the right track.
  • We've even got some people who would like to stream our game on Twitch!  That is AWESOME and you are super cool for asking!  Right now, it's a little early for that.  We want to get some more gameplay in there.  At least a boss fight.  (And our boss ship looks SO DOPE.)   So hold off on the livestreams, but we'll get there soon.  We're working as fast as we can.
  • We're targeting a cadence of about two weeks per new build.  In our next build, you can plan to see more weapons (blaster and lasers and rockets, Oh My), and our first actual non-tutorial case.  You may get to meet Becca's kid sister, Juneau, who is running with the Yolo Squad, or you might meet Snaffles, the internet cat video star whose disappearance is taking the galaxy by storm.  Or both, if I can do the code fast enough.
  • This weekend was PAX East, and our art director Ryan found a bunch of cool games (both space- and non-space-related) worth checking out.  We'll post on that more later this week.
  • To close, a little win/win funny story.  So: Commander Kamala travels the galaxy through wormholes.  These wormholes are cool little particle light storms that get bigger when you get closer and then explode when you travel through.  Fun and pretty.  But - they are actually a little time consuming on the computer (you might see your frame rate drop a little bit when you are near one.)  So I'm saying to myself, how am I gonna get performance up and keep all those ten thousand cool pretty light particles?  Well, we've gotten some feedback from our players and the #1 unexpected piece of feedback?   Turn down the wormholes.  Too many particles and too distracting.  WELL THAT'S EASY TO SOLVE. :)

That's all for now!  More to come soon.

Best, Charles