Wow. So much has happened, is happening, and will happen.  I bring you: THE CURRENT FUTURE HISTORY OF ESCAPE FUEL.

First, THE PAST: We were at iFest Indie Game Festival in Seattle! And we met some of you! And then you went at voted us the People's Choice winner of the festival. You are so thoughtful.


In the picture, you can see me, Charles, with red shirt and glasses, talking about the game. There is a little kid there in a sailor suit who, if I remember correctly, was not a real sailor but was a total whiz on the controls but skipped past all the in-game story text. That dialogue was funny, kid; next playthrough, go slower. And in the picture there are also two dudes standing in front of our game, and I believe the first one is saying "This game is awesome and I would totally buy this" and the other one is say "yes, yes, me too." This is what I choose to believe they are saying. 

We also got to meet a lot of hardworking other indie devs who are working on other sweet games like Texas Twist Poker and XO from Jumpdrive Studios. So much great stuff is coming from the indie scene up here in the Pacific Northwest. 

And in addition to all the warm fuzzy feelings and kind words from real people like "fun,” "pretty,” and "this doesn't suck,” we asked for and received a boatload of constructive feedback on the game. The feedback from players is one of the most rewarding aspects of attending conventions. A game isn't a game until it's in a player's hands. The feedback is making our game much stronger. For those of you interested in game design: our biggest feedback was that two of our super cool features were judged to be indeed super cool, but only after I explained how they worked while I was standing next to the players. Since each copy of our game does not include a personal visit by Escape Fuel staff to explain how to play the game, this means our tutorial sections needed fixing. And fixed they now are, and fixed hard. 

All in all, a good week. Now we move from THE PAST to THE PRESENT! And in the present (defined as five days ago until now), we've been preparing builds - fixing bugs, polishing features, rewriting punchlines - for submission to two important game events: The Indie Megabooth and the PAX 10. Acceptance into either programs of these means that we would get to present at PAX!  Which is extremely unlikely, but it would be dream-come-true awesome as we would like to meet you and show you our game. It would be super great. Like, I'll tell you flat out - at my first PAX a few years back, before Escape Fuel got started, I remember walking around the PAX floor, seeing those video game setups, and I thought, man, that is what I want to do: make a video game and have it look good like these games and make people happy like they seem right here.  Cut to today, where we are on track to make a great video game, and presenting at PAX is an itty-bitty teeny-tiny possibility. So cross your fingers for us! 

And now to the FUTURE.  Escape Fuel is going to bring Commander Kamala to a few more conventions!  We'll be at the Power of Play Indie Expo in Bellevue, Washington on May 15th and 16th and then VEGAS BABY as we travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Level Up Expo on May 30th and 31st. Live in Bellevue or Vegas and like video games? Please come see us at these conventions! 

(BTW.  Speaking of the FUTURE, and speaking as someone making a game which tries to humorously capture the vibrant, passionate, hopeful adventure that the Golden Age of Sci Fi wanted to bring us: how awesome does Tomorrowland look? I mean I haven't even seen Avengers 2 yet since I've been working on the game for all these deadlines, and I might even see Tomorrowland before Avengers 2). 

Anyways. Long story short: we're working hard, we're glad when we can meet you at these conventions, and we love all your feedback. More to come soon (more stuff about the game proper, game design, etc.)