A swash-buckling galactic space adventure in the vein of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, Commander Kamala Lays Down the Law is the first game from Escape Fuel Studios, an independent developer based in Seattle, Washington. Commander Kamala Jones is the captain of the Towering Justice and leader of a ragtag crew of misfits assembled from all across the galaxy. When the Beta District is locked down behind a malfunctioning wormhole, Commander Kamala and her crew are the only thing that stands between helpless citizens and cruel corporations, gangs, and space pirates who want to exploit this opportunity for their selfish gains. A fast-paced, lighthearted shooter that flies in the face of the bleak sci-fi grit that's become the norm, Commander Kamala Lays Down the Law hopes to bring about a bright new trend in the world of indie sci-fi video games.


- A tight and familiar third-person top-down space shooter control scheme based around WASD and mouse.

- A fully upgradable and customizable ship in the Towering Justice.

- Sprawling dialogue tree that takes the best of Mass Effect and injects the camp and sarcasm of The Rocketeer, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers.

- Beautiful art-deco style that captures the Golden Era of sci-fi without the film grain.

- Branching weapon upgrade paths that dramatically change the play style of the game.

- A classic, touching story about love, redemption, friendship, and social media culture gone awry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you doing a Kickstarter?

A: Because we're an indie game studio in 2015, that's why! Non-sarcastic answer: we're putting a lot of energy behind promoting our Kickstarter, our studio, and the game because we believe we have something special to share and we simply don't have the money to finish the game the way we want to. Everything's been on a volunteer-basis so far with the exception of a couple of freelance efforts and we want to pay the team in order to reward them for their hard work. That, and we want to grow our tiny studio from something on a part-time, hobbyist basis to a larger, more comprehensive organization with, like, an office and front door and all the amenities.

Q: What's your background? Do you have any previous game development experience?

A: Game development has always been an interest of mine. During my days working as a software developer at Amazon, Microsoft, and Expedia, I always felt drawn to games and the pull to make my own. This is my passion and I'm extremely fortunate enough to have a great team behind me while we work towards this crazy dream. Our team has worked on several independent titles such as "AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! — A Reckless Disregard for Gravity," "Go Home Dinosaurs," "Drunken Robot Pornography," and others.

Q: Where can we find out more? What if I want to play the game early?

A: is the primary resource for all things Commander Kamala! Follow us on Twitter @escapefuel and sign up for our newsletter, or contact us at and we can provide you a download link to check the game out for yourself! P.S.: We're a small studio, so there's a really good chance you can talk with us if you send us an email. We like emails!


- "People's Choice Award Winner" - iFEST 2015


Charles Zapata, Developer/Founder

Ryan Chadwick, Art Director

Jane Kim, Artist

Amy Mazzucotelli, Artist

Brian Prince, Artist

Marco Longo, Music


Press Inquiries

Sage Knox